Paris Banh Mi Cafe & Bakery is a unique Vietnamese sandwich and coffee shop in Destin, FL.
Alongside the traditional Vietnamese banh mi options, we proudly serve fresh-baked baguettes, croissants, and an extensive line of handcrafted specialty drinks, including our famous Paris By Night, to accompany our delicious slush fresh milk tea that is made to order. We offer great sandwiches and drinks, but we also pride ourselves in providing fresh French bakery cake and pastry crafted every day to satisfy our customers' needs.
At Paris Banh Mi Cafe & Bakery, in addition to providing a wide variety of high-quality food and beverages, we take pride in serving our customers with a friendly serving attitude and professional style and strive to bring our customers the very best products possible by paying careful attention to every detail, so our customer has a lasting impression of our people, products and cultures.
Health, hygiene, and food safety is our top priority in our establishment. We only use the freshest and finest ingredients to serve our customers. We prep, sanitize, and clean all of our workstations to ensure our customers feel comfortable and safe while enjoying their meals with us. Our mission is straightforward: to satisfy our guests with the best food quality, excellent service, and great value for an unforgettable dining experience. Try any of our freshly made and daily prepped items to satisfy your craving. Let's take your taste buds to the next level.